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Due to an increasing demand, Townew is looking for partners in Europe!

Townew is an automatic trash can inspired by a need in every household and business – a more hygienic and easier way to manage our waste.

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By becoming a partner, you can build a stable, predictable source of income with the help of Townew and other exciting products.

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Since its launch, Townew has already proven its success with over 1700 preorders in a month, reaching 895% of its goal on Indiegogo in 2019.

Currently, 50 000 units of Townew are sold every month in Asia and North America. A stable supply is backed by a production capacity of 3,000 units a day in our factory. 

1729 preorder on Indiegogo before the launch!

50 000 units sold per month globally!

The trash can is not your only source of revenue. Townew works exclusively with a patented Refill Ring Trash Bags – available in 100% recyclable and biodegradable versions as well, so you will have a steady source of recurring revenue after the sale of the trash can.

Since its launch, Townew has achieved a tremendous worldwide success, appearing in countless news and tech media. Entrepreneur, Mashable, BBC, Daily-Mail and dozens of other companies are talking admiringly about Townew. 

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