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Townew Biodegradable Refill Rings

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Biodegradable Trash Bag Refill Rings, with each Refill Ring containing up to 25 durable trash bags. 3 pack (3-6 months) 6 pack (6 – 12 months). Works with Townew T1 auto sealing and self changing trash can.


  • 3 pack (up to 75 bags)
  • 6 pack (up to 150 bags)
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Biodegradable Trash Bag Refill Rings

Each Refill Ring contains up to 25 durable trash bags. Trade in your traditional garbage bags for our biodegradable trash bags made with HDPE Material containing oxidative degradation agent which is better for the environment.

Main Features

  • Removable Refill Rings: Each Refill Ring contains up to 25 durable trash bags, each lasting approximately one month
  • Advanced Sealing Technology: designed to be moisture and water resistant, seals the trash bag inside to guarantee no spilling or exposure to any bad odor
  • Biodegradable Refill Rings: Made of Polypropylene Plastic (PE) containing oxidative degradation agent


  • Compatible with: TOWNEW Trash Can
  • Material: Recyclable Polypropylene Plastic containing oxidative degradation agent
  • Product Weight: 139 gr (5 oz) / ring
  • Product Size: 20.4 x 20.4 x 3.3 cm (8.05 x 8.05 x 1.3 in) / ring

What's in the box?

  • 3 or 6 pack of Biodegradable TOWNEW Refill Rings


Additional information

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3 pack (up to 75 bags), 6 pack (up to 150 bags)

5 reviews for Townew Biodegradable Refill Rings

  1. karen

    lovely gadget!

  2. J. E.

    I hate changing trash liners and with this it’s a piece of cake! Push the button and it seals the full bag and once you pull it out it positions the new bag!

  3. jeremy black

    genuinely love these trash bags

  4. Corinna A.

    I live alone and I bough the 3-pack refill packs and I used one ring (25 bags) in almost 2 months. The bags are strong, they don’t tear and never leaked so far, the trash can can literally replace the bag, which is sooo amazing, I’m fascinated by that. Thank you!

  5. robert

    it is so easy to change these refill bags, and you have 25 in one ring, so it literally takes 3 seconds to change the bags every month. and they are biodegradable, thank you!

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