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Townew T1 Smart Trash Can

(61 customer reviews)

T1 is the World’s First trash can that seals and changes the trash bag for you. Includes one refill ring that contains up to 25 trash bags.
(with EU plug or USB cable)


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Townew T1 is the World’s First trash can that seals and changes the trash bag for you. Every Trash Can includes one refill ring that contains up to 25 trash bags.

Main Features

  • Self-Sealing and Self-Changing: Automated technology engineered to keep your hands clean
  • Removable Refill Rings: Each Refill Ring contains 25 durable liners, each lasting approximately one month.
  • Advanced Sealing Technology: The built-in thermoplastic sealing technology automatically seals the trash bag inside to guarantee no spilling or exposure to any bad odor
  • Rechargeable Battery: Full charge that will last for a month
  • Overload Feature: Detects when the trash can is full, and it seals automatically


  • Product Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lb)
  • Package Weight: 5.1 kg (11.4 lb)
  • Product Size: 240 x 310 x 402 mm (9.4 x 12.2 x 15.8 in)
  • Packing Size: 293 x 343 x 463 mm (11.5 x 13.5 x 18.2 in)
  • Charging time: 10 Hours
  • Battery specification: 12V 2.2AH
  • Adapter Specifications: 8 V 0.65 A

What's in the Box?

townew T1 in the box

  • 1 TOWNEW Trash Can
  • 1 Removable Refill Ring (25 Trash Bags)
  • 1 Power Adapter (EU plug or USB charger cable)
  • User Manual and Warranty

Additional information

Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 29.3 × 34.3 × 46.3 cm

White, Teal

Plug type

EU plug, USB

61 reviews for Townew T1 Smart Trash Can

  1. Raymonda Mortier

    I recently bought 3 trash ça s and i am really happy with them
    There are a lot of advantages
    1) A white and a Green one are in The kitchen So I Can sort The Garbidge immediately
    2) it opens automaticly So even with Youri hands full you Can open it
    3) No more smell as it closes well
    4) in summer No more little flies
    5) THE bags are sealed to throw away an advantage for thé big bin Stays clean
    6) the bags exist also in bio version which is Handy for the Green container no more insects
    7) Nice design
    i reccomend it to everybody

  2. Scott

    Hi, the bin is absolutely revolutionary with no spillage or overloading to worry about. In times like this where hygiene is paramount this bin is nothing short of amazing!

  3. Henrik

    Works very well so I bought another one. Easy to use and easy to change The refill ring. Very happy with it

  4. Olivier Zeegers

    Works like a charm ! Just I was hoping it would !

  5. Luca Qua

    Quite frankly a very good product, it is nice to have it. Works well and it matches the expectation.
    Overall, Love it.

  6. SOCS

    I like the product and the order process and shipment went really fast.

  7. Maksym Shevchenko

    It is really cool. No more need to put bags in trash yourself. I’m pleased with townew.

  8. Olivier

    Very nice smart can, it changed my world!

  9. Ali

    Perfect size , battery charged , extremely easy to use.

  10. Nico

    Great product and good service! Fast shipping to Germany. Kann man wirklich empfehlen.

  11. Ruud

    Fantastisch apparaat! Prachtig verpakt en voldoet aan alle verwachtingen. Een echte aanrader

  12. Florian G.

    The product is amazing. I have bought two of them. Great functionality.

  13. Florian

    It such a great product!!

  14. Patrick Keyngnaert

    Fantastisch toestel , het werkt perfect en het is zo hygienisch , ik zou het zeker nooit meer kunnen missen .
    Patrick in Belgie

  15. Lasse Dollerup

    Performs as expected, the sounds came a bit as a surprise. Love the automatic bag closing and inflation of next bag.

  16. Karlsson R.

    It’s just what I expected! Smart and awesome! Buy this!

  17. Quang Nguyen

    Good looking, practical trash can.

  18. Mayooran Thillainathan

    Super Product. Just in use for couple of days, but so far all good.

  19. Lian Tang

    simply perfect!

  20. Xaver Brandauer

    Just practical, extremely simple and clean

  21. Max Pasch

    Very very nice trashcan

  22. Pascal Paula

    Alles Top bislang. Mein einziger Punkt ist, dass ich ihn leider nicht unter die Spüle stellen kann da dort das Automatische öffen/schließen nicht funktioniert.

  23. Ro B.

    Excellente poubelle, très pratique

  24. Kasper Bjerby

    It just works, easy to setup and very handy, the bags cost a bit, but you gotta pay for being lazy 🙂

  25. Zino

    Amazing product! Looking forward to a slightly bigger variant for in the kitchen.

  26. Samir Omar

    Great product and superb customer service! Looks better in real life than in pictures.

  27. Cindy

    Works as described disappointing that it’s so small just wish it was kitchen size for the price undecided if I should return

  28. Trista

    It’s a very pretty gadget. Can’t wait to try out the brilliant features!

  29. Claudio Wunder

    I was a backer still when Townew was on Indiegogo. Since from 2019. That time I already knew Townew was going to be great. After they released in EU I bought my Townew and now it arrived. It works amazingly as promised. I’m truly happy. The product is easy to use. And works as intended. It really saves time and effort having a smart trash can.

  30. MR

    Great product, works as intended. Missing 5 stars as I wished auto-sensing could be disabled.

  31. Jonas

    I am thrilled! Great innovative product in a nice simple design, for a sustainable household. I especially like the sustainability of this product with the “Biodegradable Refill Rings” for reordering, so that plastic is not needed. 1 star deduction is available for the size, because for a kitchen I would wish this model a bit bigger, otherwise really top! The delivery arrived very fast, but a tracking and tracing would be very desirable, then the service would be perfect! Many thanks Towneu Europe.

  32. Timo Meininger

    Got my Townew trashcan shipped to Germany and couldn’t wait to receive it. Today the package finally arrived and I am thrilled about how everything works as shown on the website. Thank you for making such awesome and fun products. It’s really nothing that you would miss if you didn’t have it, but for the extreme fun in using it, it is worth every cent.

  33. Ivo Klassmann

    just moved from Washington, US to Berlin, Germany and I had a Townew back in the US. One of my first things was to order one in Europe as well and it was a must to order from EU because of the fast warranty and service administration.

  34. JessicaDC

    An exciting innovation with extremely good service.

  35. AmazonAddict21

    I’ve had my TowNew trash can for 3 months now, and I LOVE it!! It’s the coolest trash can I’ve ever seen, and as far as I know there’s no other company offering something like this. The fully automated bag-sealing process means I can ‘take out the trash’ without getting my hands dirty. Like other reviewers have said, it’s small, but that’s one of the things I like about it. Between the automation and the size, it encourages me to take out the kitchen trash more often, which keeps smells from building up. It has a small, understated profile that goes great with any modern decor. The bag changing system is so freaking easy. Taking out the trash is no longer a chore! With good trash cans costing $150 plus, I think this is a great value for the money. Will definitely be a long-time customer!

    – FULLY automated (lid, bag changing, bag sealing – all of it! I love not having to change bags!)
    – Small size
    – Long battery life! After the initial charge, I’ve only had to re-charge it once in 3 months
    – Extremely clean, minimal look
    – Good value – $100 for the trash can, plus $30 for 6 refill rings (150 bags) – obviously a little more pricey per refill than traditional trash bags, but it’s worth it for the simplicity and ease of use
    – Novel ‘cool’ factor is always fun. This is definitely a talking point for anyone who witnesses the trash change process!

    – The trash bag material could be a little stronger. After a couple small rips in the beginning, I just stopped overfilling/pushing the trash down, and I haven’t had any issues since!

  36. Bay Ha

    Works as described! I’ve been dreaming about a self sealing trash can for years. No more getting my hands dirty. I keep mine by the kitchen sink for scraps.

    Pros: Seals are solid, I don’t fear anything leaking. Knows when the trash is too high and will open itself and seal itself. Then closes and loads a new bag. Genius!

    Cons: Opening is a bit smaller than I would like. Wish it was more of a rectangle space vs square. I think I could get more items in without needing to fold them.

    Over all it’s a great little trash! I can’t wait for the trash can to be full so I can watch it do it’s magic.

  37. Irene

    my best friend from US sent me the Townew garbage bin because of the virus and infections in Europe, so i can avoid touching the dirty trash can and help keep me and my family safe.

    i cant thank her enough. i love this gadget soo much, i literally dont have to touch the dirty trash anymore. Townew opens and closes, seals the trash bag and even replaces is! highly recommended

  38. Catherine

    I’m a mother of 3 and if you have children you know it is extremely challenging to keep the dirt out of their sight.

    For the first time ever I don’t have to be afraid if they are around the trash can, because it is just clean and hygienic. I wouldn’t be afraid if they would lick it.

    Thank you Townew for providing a new level of hygiene!

  39. Éliott

    I was lucky enough to receive the trash can before the pandemic, I gave it to my mom, because it granted her an additional safety because of the touch-free technology. She loves it, finds it extremely easy to use and using it ever since with biodegradable refills, so she helps the environment as well.

  40. J.E.

    I hate changing trash liners and with this it’s a piece of cake! Push the button and it seals the full bag and once you pull it out it positions the new bag!

  41. Christine

    I have never been so pleased with a trashcan.

  42. jenna

    so far it is a wonderful product, but havent used it long enough to tell the long-term benefits, thats why the neutral rating

  43. Jeremiah

    I have numbness in my hands this makes it so great not having to deal with bags.

  44. Ann Pfal

    Love the hands free operation for the trash can. Especially since I’m a germaphobe. It works excellent and I highly recommend.

  45. Ekaterina

    The future of Trash Cans is here. This product is awesome!

  46. betty mitchell

    i ordered two of townews, these cans work great for my kitchen and bathroom. Motion detection is accurate and they look great.

  47. DT

    This trash can has an attractive look and works perfectly. We put it in our living room, use it mostly for dirty diapers, and it completely contains the smell. It’s also very convenient/sanitary to not have to touch the trash can in order to make it open. Great feature we didn’t expect: there is a gentle light that comes on when the top of the trash can is open-very helpful when throwing things out in the middle of the night. Highly recommend, no reservations.

  48. ely

    excellent customer service, lovely gadget – highly recommended!

  49. BK

    bought the product from Indiegogo campaign and it was delivered really fast, as promised and the product does everything they mention without any issues.
    this is a must have product and it really makes your life a little bit easier

  50. O

    Amazing piece of technology I never thought I would be wowed by a trash can but after receiving my model from the indigogo campaign I have and now ordered 2 more. Hopefully a full sized one for the kitchen will be made soon but for now works great. I think this will be the future of trash cans!

  51. Linda

    I am excited to get this. I am disabled now so that a regular task like taking out garbage has become a two hour task event, often painful when I fall. I think this machine is going to turn my quality of life towards a positive regular endeavor now.

    One question before it is delivered please, how long is the recharging cord? I am checking to see if I need to buy a longer corded power/surge strip for my planned placement of this trash can.

    any other diabled folks using it? Things I need to know?


    cord length is a generous 6 feet and plug is perfect though depends on your own strip’s adapter.

    I love this! Disabled person approved! heck even one of my therapists loved it too!”

  52. Hien

    The trashcan is very cute and convinient. You dont have to change the bag. It changes by itself. It is not too small that you can put it in the room and it is very nice. Light and clean. Great product

  53. Chris

    Did not receive refill bag insert but the customer service was amazing and sent it to me immediately. I wish the size were about half again larger (for kitchen use). It performs perfectly and I’m very pleased with it. When it opened with a ‘whoosh‘ the first few times, it spooked my cat, but she’s used to it now.

  54. alan

    I love the technology and its features, it is amazing, but unfortunately it is small for me. I usually use huge trash cans. However, if you are not like me and you don’t necessarily need the biggest available trash cans, I totally recommend


    Product is awesome! Does exactly what it says it’s gonna do. They have the best customer service ever..I highly recommend

  56. E. Joshua

    Mine was dead on arrival unfortunately – plugged in and wouldn’t turn on. Customer service was great, that’s why the 4 stars, and also received a new one, which is excellent!

  57. Patrick Henry

    Amazing little thing, bit more tech could have been squeezed in eg iot to let you know it’s full also def could have been taller it won’t fit a pizza box in it or family life

  58. Leon Shu

    The Townew trash can is super cool since it seals and changes the trash bags for you! As someone who hates taking out the trash, I really like these features since I can just hit the button to seal the bag and then replace it right away. If you’re lazy like me, I highly recommend getting it!!

  59. YL

    Finally I don’t have to fuss with trash bags. The auto seal feature is so convenient. Over all a very cool gadget.
    Only wish it comes in a bigger size.

  60. Kelly

    Awesome! Beyond my expectations. I was actually attracted to it mostly because it had an option for biodegradable bags, which can be had to find in my area, so I have to order them offline anyway. I only take the trash out once every 3-4 days, so the bags last a long time.

    My only wish is that it would be bigger, so that I could use it as my main trash can. I would buy one, even if it was significantly more expensive, in a heartbeat. It would also be great if they came in different colors or “skins” that you could put over them. I am going to buy a second, maybe third one anyway because they’re a perfect fit for my bathroom, bedroom, and living room trash cans. If there were larger versions, I’d buy one in every room.
    I never realize how little I like handing trash until I got one of these. Everything is super clean and well packaged, and I don’t have to worry about breaking/dropping bags.

  61. zifeng

    Amazing! Never have to change garbage bags again! Love it

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